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Portfolio Beta Calculator :


NIFTY 2X is a strategy for investing in NIFTY FUTURES with  NIFTY options. The Beta of NIFTY is 1 the portfolios are benchmarked against the INDEX to measure the relative movement of the portfolio, the stocks and the returns to risk is calibrated by using the BETA of the stock .

NIFTY being the benchmark having a BETA OF 1, the way to generate a return higher than the market return is by leveraging and increasing the BETA from 1 to desired level, the NIFTY 2X strategy envisages to leverage  capital upto 2X in a defined pattern making use of NIFTY options to be initially invested in NIFTY at a desired price points.

The expected returns are higher than the Benchmark. The NIFTY 2X proposes to have exposure of  2 times the capital.

Nifty 2X